Spell Force 2 – Demons of the Past

The campaign of the games starts directly in the middle of a new conflict, everything happens very quickly that we barely understand how things are going. Well, it is easy to deduce that the enemies are those undead, for the hundredth time in the history of the series, but otherwise it’s pretty confusing. It seems that the protagonist of Faith in Destiny died, and the story continues virtually there, but with another main character of the same clan of superheroes with dragon blood in the veins. There are secondary characters also, and so we leave the road, gathering allies and so, as in any fantasy generic story, everything is done to resolve the intrigues born in the previous game and prepare for the next events of the game that will come.

At this chapter, the new add-on is better than the previous one, although I must admit that I prefer the old one with all the holes in the story, because it seemed to try something new. I might as well mention that the dialogues are now just as we are accustomed, poorly written, with mediocre vocal actors and the only thing that you wish, is to end quickly.

The maps are also recycled, the missions taking place on land already known. Moreover, the missions are quite similar with the others in the series and the characters are reused, sometimes with dubious, changed personality. This is all that happens in the campaign of Demons of the Past. It’s more a Spell Force 2, but not at the level of the game developed by Phenomic. But it’s slightly better than the previous add-on - play all levels.

Spell Force 2 – Demons of the Past is trying to keep as much as possible from the specific atmosphere of the series and the same way of exploring which is very satisfactory. Perhaps the RPG mechanics of the game is not perfect, but the gameplay elements that have consecrated the series are making this game to be a very pleasant Spell Force gaming experience. Mysterious locations are everywhere, missions in form of puzzles, occasional, inspired dialogue and the traditional RTS component that works quite well - find new missions.

The effort that the producers have put in this game can be seen, even though it hasn’t created a perfect game, but it’s easy to notice from the multitude of game modes available for players. There is therefore the campaign about which I have spoken so far, then we have a “free play”, which is a kind of campaign, but with more possible choices for the player and the possibility of playing in co-op.
You can create your hero, choose which companions you want and then you do a series of missions on different maps against AI.

To sum up, even though I started the article trashing this add-on, I have to admit that after all these good missions and good puzzles, it is a good game to enjoy.